Since 2016, AEFTI-EF 71 has been a DILF-DELF-DALF exam center.

We offer between 8 to 10 exam sessions per year, for levels A1.1, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

Analysis of DELF 2022 results

In 2022, the AEFTI-EF 71 offered different exam sessions in February, March, May, July and December: 

  • DELF A1 : 45 people (20 in 2021) 
  • DELF A2 : 66 (96 in 2021) 
  • DELF B1: 73 (81 in 2021) 
  • DELF B2 (in March and July): 15 people (also 15 the previous year) 
  • DALF C2 in March : 2 people

No registration for the C1 exam, just like in 2021.

In total, 203 people took a french language diploma at AEFTI-EF 71. The December session had the most candidates (47) followed by March (44). In 2021, half of the participants registered for DELF B1 (45% in B1 and 6% in junior B1). This year, we are seeing a strong increase in registrations for A1 (nearly a quarter of exams).

The overall success rate is 89.16%, up slightly compared to 2021 (+0.42 points). 

This year, 30% of those registered have followed training prior to AEFTI-EF 71, whether on the BOP 104 system, the DFL or even the DAQ. The success rate of these people is 100% compared to 84.51% for people outside the center. 

4 people from the BOP 104 system wanted to take an exam: they all opted for A1 and all passed. No registration for DILF A1.1 this year. 

This year again, the rates are generally higher for trainees who have followed course/preparation for AEFTI-EF 71. Those registered from outside have a success rate of 84.5%, notably due to 22% failure in passing A2 and B1.