Registration for DILF – DELF – DALF exams

Article 1 – Object

1.1 - The General Conditions of Sale described below apply to any request for registration for a DILF, DELF or DALF type exam. Any registration made with AEFTI-EF 71 implies acceptance, without reservation, of these General Conditions of Sale.

1.2 - The AEFTI-EF 71 may be required to modify certain provisions of the General Conditions of Sale. Also, it is necessary that these be reread before each new application for registration for an exam. These modifications are binding on the customer from the moment they are posted online on the AEFTI-EF 71 website,

Article 2 – Registration conditions

2.1 - Registration for exams is available to anyone wishing to take a DILF, DELF or DALF type exam.

2.2 - Registration must take place no later than 3 weeks before the exam date. An annual calendar will be displayed in the windows of AEFTI-EF 71, 11 rue Guichenon, as well as on the website The proposed sessions only really open from 3 registered candidates and are limited to 8 candidates maximum.

2.3 - Any registration for an exam is independent of registration for preparatory training. This may be offered to you when you register, without any obligation to participate. Preparation for an exam will be subject to differentiated billing.

Article 3 – Registration fees

3.1 - All exams must be paid upon registration. Payment will be made in cash, by check payable to AEFTI-EF 71, or by transfer (IBAN/BIC, etc.) after acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale. Registration for an exam will only be definitively validated after payment.

Prices 2024
A1.1 : 52€A1 : 92€C1 : 155€
 A2 : 103€C2 : 165€
 B1 : 114€ 
 B2 : 123€ 


3.2 - Registration prices
Courses prices are indicated in euros and are net of VAT, the AEFTI-EF 71 not being subject to VAT according to ministerial note DGF1/N 89-4198 of 11/16/89.          
AEFTI-EF 71 grants itself the right to modify its prices each time the rectoral decree is renewed (every 3 years). In the event of modification, the new prices will appear in these general conditions of sale as well as on the website

3.3 - Refund          
En cas d’annulation de l’épreuve, et si aucune date ultérieure ne peut convenir, l’AEFTI-EF 71 s’engage à rembourser le montant de l’inscription.          
In the event of absence during the examination or cancellation of registration before the examination, only medical or professional reasons will be taken into account for possible reimbursement, upon written request accompanied by proof provided by the doctor or the employer.

Article 4 – Data processing

4.1 - In order to register for one of these exams, you will be required to provide personal information such as your name, address, and billing and credentialing information. The information collected is subject to computer processing necessary for your registration.          
You are responsible for the validity and completeness of the information you have provided, and you must inform AEFTI-EF 71 of any changes to this information.          
The AEFTI-EF 71 undertakes to respect all provisions in force relating to data protection and in particular the general data protection regulations (GDPR). In accordance with the “information technology and freedoms” law of January 6, 1978 amended in 2004, you have the right to access and rectify information that concerns you. You can exercise this by contacting AEFTI-EF 71:

4.2 - Unless you object, this data may be used to provide you with information on AEFTI-EF 71 events, activities and services.

Article 5 - Modification of the service or the General Conditions of Sale

AEFTI-EF 71 reserves the right to make changes to its procedures, as well as its terms and conditions, at any time and without notice, including these General Conditions of Sale. You are subject to the terms and conditions, procedures and General Conditions of Sale in force at the time of your registration, unless a change to these terms and conditions, or to these General Conditions of Sale is required by an administrative or governmental authority.


Updated February 27, 2024